Durable Copy

Durable Copy 3.9

Copy the files containing bad sectors


  • Helps rescue files from damaged sectors


  • Can't rescue files from all damaged drives

Not bad

Have you ever suffered an unreadable hard drive and subsequently lost essential files that were stored on that sector?

If so, Durable Copy lets you rescue such files by allowing you to copy those containing unreadable sectors. This can be useful in a wide range of circumstances from those instances when you need to rescue critical system files to simply a movie that you desperately want to see but can no longer view. The problem however is that many programs, such as Word or Excel, won't read files that have been rescued because they are physically damaged but at least you are able to rescue the files for repairing later. Using the program is very simple. In the program's explorer window, you simply browse to and right click on those files you want to rescue. You drag them to the target folder you want to save them to. You'll see the option "Copy with DurableCopy" and the program will kick into action to see if it can rescue the broken sectors. Durable Copy reads various sectors sequentially until you click "Don't read this file" on those sectors that are too badly damaged. In the end, what you will have is a partially recovered file which is better than nothing at all.

This program will not rescue files in badly damaged hard drives but it's the next best thing to a complete recovery solution for corrupted files.

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